2018 Labor Day Book Is Here!

The 2018 Labor Day Book is now available at this link: http://colchesterlionsclub.org/my_media/2018_Labor_Day_Book.pdf

2017 Labor Day Book is Here!

A copy of the Labor Day booklet is available now as a PDF. Help yourself!

2016 Duane Beck Memorial 5K Race Results

Thank you to those that participated!
September 3, 2016





Age Group Place Time Name   Time Name
10 and under 1st 28:05 Madelynn Sullivan (Colchester, IL) 26:01 Jaxon Pendell (St. George, KS)
  2nd 30:35 Annie Powell (Macomb, IL)
11 – 19 1st 22:22 Gracie Jones (Macomb, IL) Women’s Overall 21:15 Ben Laprad (Macomb, IL)
  2nd 27:02 Jacey Green (Peru, IL) 21:32 Stanley Melkumian (Macomb, IL)
  3rd 28:40 Lauren Powell (Colchester, IL) 21:38 Noah Laprad (Macomb, IL)
  4th 26:55 Shiriz Hamid (Macomb, IL)
  5th 31:15 Calb Lorenzen (Macomb, IL)
20 – 35 1st 32:17 Lindsay Schwerer (Macomb, IL) 20:20 Scott Buffington (Morton, IL) Men’s Overall
  2nd 41:44 Allison Housewright (Quincy, IL) 26:55 Matthew Bouril (Macomb, IL)
  3rd 41:45 Ashley Smith 28:51 Theo Price (Macomb, IL)
  4th 31:23 David Lutz (Macomb, IL)
36 – 55 1st 25:20 Heather Jones (Macomb, IL) 22:38 Charles Bland
2nd 28:14 Jennifer Simms (Tennessee, IL) 27:12 Michael Carson (Chicago, IL)
3rd 30:44 Alla Melkunian (Macomb, IL) 27:39 Nicholas Petitgout (Macomb, IL
4th 32:12 Nicole Protsman (Macomb, IL) 28:15 Roger Kerfoot (Tennessee, IL)
5th 33:19 Shazia Rahman (Macomb, IL) 30:57 Tim Mealiff (Macomb, IL)
56 + 1st No Entrants 22:16 Dana Bainter
2nd 31:03 Deckle McLean

Entertainment Schedule

Here is the Entertainment Schedule for the 2016 Labor Day program.

The 2016 Labor Day Book is now available

The file is large (51.9Mb) so please be patient. Adobe Acrobat is required to view it. Click here to download it..

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