Labor Day Variety Show

Sunday, September 1, 2019
7:30 p.m. City Park Stage

No entries will be taken before 8:00 a.m. August 10, 2019.
First 10 calls for Dance. First 10 calls for Vocal and Instrumental.
Entries will only by accepted by Liz Duvall, 309-255-7530.
Entries must be in by August 28, 2019. Limit 2 entries per family.

2018 Labor Day Book Is Here!

The 2018 Labor Day Book is now available at this link:

2017 Labor Day Book is Here!

A copy of the Labor Day booklet is available now as a PDF. Help yourself!

2016 Duane Beck Memorial 5K Race Results

Thank you to those that participated!
September 3, 2016





Age Group Place Time Name   Time Name
10 and under 1st 28:05 Madelynn Sullivan (Colchester, IL) 26:01 Jaxon Pendell (St. George, KS)
  2nd 30:35 Annie Powell (Macomb, IL)
11 – 19 1st 22:22 Gracie Jones (Macomb, IL) Women’s Overall 21:15 Ben Laprad (Macomb, IL)
  2nd 27:02 Jacey Green (Peru, IL) 21:32 Stanley Melkumian (Macomb, IL)
  3rd 28:40 Lauren Powell (Colchester, IL) 21:38 Noah Laprad (Macomb, IL)
  4th 26:55 Shiriz Hamid (Macomb, IL)
  5th 31:15 Calb Lorenzen (Macomb, IL)
20 – 35 1st 32:17 Lindsay Schwerer (Macomb, IL) 20:20 Scott Buffington (Morton, IL) Men’s Overall
  2nd 41:44 Allison Housewright (Quincy, IL) 26:55 Matthew Bouril (Macomb, IL)
  3rd 41:45 Ashley Smith 28:51 Theo Price (Macomb, IL)
  4th 31:23 David Lutz (Macomb, IL)
36 – 55 1st 25:20 Heather Jones (Macomb, IL) 22:38 Charles Bland
2nd 28:14 Jennifer Simms (Tennessee, IL) 27:12 Michael Carson (Chicago, IL)
3rd 30:44 Alla Melkunian (Macomb, IL) 27:39 Nicholas Petitgout (Macomb, IL
4th 32:12 Nicole Protsman (Macomb, IL) 28:15 Roger Kerfoot (Tennessee, IL)
5th 33:19 Shazia Rahman (Macomb, IL) 30:57 Tim Mealiff (Macomb, IL)
56 + 1st No Entrants 22:16 Dana Bainter
2nd 31:03 Deckle McLean

Entertainment Schedule

Here is the Entertainment Schedule for the 2016 Labor Day program.

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